Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Slice: Everything You Heard About the ‘Dark Knight’ Sequel Was a Lie

According to Vulture, rumors of a "Dark Knight" sequel are lies, the lot of them.
David Goyer, the guy who came up with the stories for The Dark Knight and Batman Begins, tells MTV that all rumors currently circulating about the next Batman movie are patently false: "It’s all B.S. ALL of it," he says (probably referring to absurd reports that Johnny Depp is playing the Riddler, Cher is playing Catwoman, and that director Christopher Nolan has already signed on).
Several friends and I went to see the the DK at the IMAX at 2 a.m. the morning that it came out. We were those fools uptown at the UWS Loews, standing in the line that curled up and down the curbs of 68th St. When we walked out, a new batch of jerks were already there, ready and waiting.

Needless to say, I slept through the whole thing (Sometimes it just happens! It's dark, I'm warm and comfortable. Sigh.), but I'd already seen the screening a few days before.

Sometime I'll go into my thoughts about it, but in short: great, but not exceptional. My best bud says it changed his life. Pfft.

Oh, but it did have the best 6-minute opening sequence in a long time.