Thursday, October 16, 2008

Faith in Humanity (?), Workplace, and Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!

Oh, the guilt.

"I've reserved a room for us at 1p.m. I've really thought about it and I'd like to hear more about how you're feeling."

(You would?)

We had our talk. A long, cathartic one.

I let it out -- again, twice in one day! All of it. Sure, I couldn't really meet his eye, but boy did I ramble.

Problems with motivation. Unrequited enthusiasm! No acknowledgment of effort!!

"Morgan, I didn't mean to be unenthusiastic about your ideas. I just ... I just ... AH! I SEND OUT EMAILS ALL THE TIME asking people for original ideas!!! I WANT to be producing original stuff. But no one responds. [hypothetical tear]. Well, you do ... but ... It's just frustrating. I have to DEAL with all these people ... and no one ... Well ..."


My face, recognizing his frustration. Mouth, agape.

Gasp. (Internal: We do have a lot of duds hanging around.)

"Morgan, I think you're brilliant. I really do."

(Aw, ... oh, gosh ... come here you big lug.)

"I think you just need to communicate better." (Sting! Yes, yes it's true. In so many ways.)

"TELL ME when you stay late. Come in late the next day! Even if you don't, know that you can. TELL ME when you're reviewing. I didn't even know 'til recently!!" (Well, I told you. One point for me, but also, point taken.)

Faith in humanity a bit restored. Kind of like the first time you watched "Rudy."

Friend just said: i want the non filtered version. not just the blog stuff.

That's strangely how it went.

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Paramendra Bhagat said...

Steve Wozniak also made the mistake of taking his original prototype first to his bosses at HP. Steve Jobs was furious.