Sunday, October 5, 2008

Decrepit Buildings, The Birds and the Corpse Scene

After a rousing morning of Interweb-ing while I sit here in the hallway, I decided to heed the doc's orders to make sure I "get up and walk around." I had to workout the old gimp limb. So, I went outside, took my book with me and sat upon the wire fence that keeps us free of hoodlums.

I was having a wistful little moment, much akin to my moment when I was cherishing my remote control. I looked up, sweetly, to admire the trees and the (decrepit) building in front of me, when suddenly: Pigeons! Zooming at my face like they were seagulls descending upon the city. First thing I thought of was Hitchcock. Free association never worked so well.

This is the corpse scene, avert eyes if you lack a strong stomach.