Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Wall Street, Working Girl, Frustration -- So It Is

I went to my boss with an idea today.

There's an influx of MBA applicants (as has been reported by several news media, actually ad nauseam for about a week), so, how's about we do a print/video duo that would put a picture to what's in print about this little lost generation of jerks (:-D), for us.

I sent lots of emails. Lots and lots. The print reporter was so appreciative!

Oh, how lovely I was, sharing my contacts with her.

Me: Thanks ... I just think it's interesting.

Oh, how buoyant I was, taking suggestions, fielding them, filing them away in Brain Grice.

Me: You're right, such and such is a good angle. But then.

I get back to the aforementioned boss's response to my thoughtful, detailed pitch: "Oh, uummm, yeah ... hmm ... I really haven't read it. Well, I did. But ... I ... well, I haven't thought about it."

Really? We're still forging on with the story - but, goodness me. I went above the immediate bossman, to bureau-lady and print hierarchy, and got instant support and enthusiasm. It makes me wonder what was taught to Baby Boomers' generation b-school. Clearly, not very good management.

It reminds me of "Working Girl," where Ms. Griffith gets her ideas thieved by Sigourney Weaver. Sigh.

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Paramendra Bhagat said...

Aging, ossified, set-in-their-ways companies are not the best place for NEW ideas.