Thursday, October 2, 2008

Coen Bros' `Tuileries' With Steve Buscemi: Awesome

Thinking more on the Coen Bros, I was reminded of their 5-minute bit in "Paris, Je T'aime," the movie that compiled some 18 or so 3-5 minute shorts shot by all the biggest directors, starring all the biggest stars.

Theirs was one of my favorites.

It stars Steve Buscemi sitting in the Metro waiting for his train. He flips open his Paris guidebook and starts reading the romantic descriptions of the "city for lovers." An obnoxiously affectionate couple enters on the other side of the station. Just as he reads in his little book that "eye contact should be avoided at all costs," he looks up and meets the eye of the beautiful girlfriend.

It sets off a hilarious, very Coen, confrontation where Buscemi never mutters a word, but doesn't need to. Those expressions -- amazing.

They have the 5-minute video entitled "Tuileries" on YouTube. It deserves a watch.