Monday, October 20, 2008

More on Killing Luke (Over and Over) and Groundhog Day

I had a long advisory talk with Friend last night about my short story on Killing Luke. He's my biggest L.A. advocate (My resolve to move changes with whichever way the wind's blowing, it would seem. Sigh. One of these, the longer I wait, the less inclined I'll be to go. But, just how imprudent can I be at this age? Things with reviewing seem more promising at work? Double sigh.), so I have to temper his optimistic thoughts on the story somewhat. But he liked it and he's one of only two people I've released the strangehold grip I have on whatever I write and has read it.

You'd think given my ability to ramble on a blog, I'd have less feelings of insecurity when I show someone something I've written. Nope.

Anyway, so after the Lengthy Discussion, we came to the conclusion that I'd have to insert some kind of thread that would play out in each iteration where we kill him. Not sure exactly what it will be. Maybe some motivating power of love -- though, I sort of want to steer clear of "feelings." Maybe the sense he gets is some sickness. Maybe we're in some variation of The Truman Show. It will be fun to figure out why he's got to die Groundhog Day-style. Maybe he's not even dead? But then why does he fantasize so vividly (if I do say so myself, ha.) about his imminent death? That could work, maybe.

I wrote all afternoon and evening, and managed to kill him 5 times. Progress.

"I have a great body, and sometimes I go months without looking." A short, cute scene from "Groundhog Day."