Sunday, October 5, 2008

`Joo haven't been out here all night, right??': The Art of the Kill (The Professional)

Poor neighbors.

The guy who lives next door works night-shifts for NYPD (stealth), and he's had to step by me for the past couple weeks. We exchange words, lament the jackhammering below us -- and agree on the unfairness of life. Ha.

He just got home and said in his accent-lilted voice: "Joo haven't been out here all night, RIGHT?"

"No, sir, no! I just can't sleep. It's Sunday, though, so I'll be okay."

For some reason, the way we interacted and the way he spoke ... it just reminded me of "The Professional." I'd wanted to clip it after ref'ing Gary Oldman in The Contender, but figured it was too sensory overload.

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