Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bad Diet or Maybe It Was the Grey Matter

Last night, I drifted off into peaceful slumber as Pulp Fiction flickered from the beautiful glowing box at my feet; so, it was a typical night for Grice.

I was dreaming about rainbows and butterflies, I'm sure, when I awoke to the worst stomachache I've had in years! It was as if some evil, obscene creature had crawled into my gut, grabbing onto the innerlining of my precious innards with its ferocious little paws. I writhed in pain; I wept a few tears (almost); and searched my brain for what could be the cause.

It could be the appalling diet I've maintained of late, I decided.

Which got me thinking of this scene from "Hannibal":

I recently re-watched Dr. Lecter after a friend and I got into a debate about its worthiness; we were talking about the upcoming "Body of Lies" (Ahh, the excitement.) and discussing the merit of Ridley Scott's movies. I hadn't liked Hannibal the first time around, and he was convinced that I should rewatch it. I'm glad I did. It was a really great movie, and you see someone eat their own brain?! Bleh.

Also, trailer for "Body of Lies," which looks awesome.