Friday, June 12, 2009

Texas, My Texas ...? And, "The Orphan" -- a Sicker, More Modern "The Good Son"?

Yesterday evening, I made my way to Crooklyn; I had to drop off some things to Margaret Sandwich, since my airline is charging 75 bones, just to take on extra luggage, per bag -- no matter how small (Mine are small.). I suppose they don't recognize quarter-life crises as reasons to store more of your junk on board. Sigh.

So, I went off to Crookville with my big, blue duffel bag (the only thing I took to Colombia) and miscellaneous other things to put under Ms. Sands' bed in Crookway Heights; we both decided it'd be a good thing, to ensure I don't just waste away in TX and the South for the rest of my ever-dwindling years. I said I'd definitely come back by end of July -- if only to gather the rest of my belongings.

Enter a little man we'll call Charley Fatz. He'd just been stumbling around, having entertained another School Friend for the evening, when he stopped by and interrupted our watching of TBS, quietly.

"You're going back to TEXAS?!" He's from San Antonio (Texas).

"Just for a bit! I'm going to tool around the South for a bit, work on my writing, you know ... explore!" I felt a flush come over my face.

"You're never coming back."

Despite the slurring of his words, it shocked the s.h.!.t. out of me.

"Shut up, of course I'm coming back. Margs always goes home! For months!" I tried to defend myself, and pointed at her as a ripe example.

"Yeah, but, she's always coming back. You're not coming back."

So upset.

This morning, he said, "You got upset by me, a drunk man!? Come onnnnnn."

Of course I did. Man, oh, man -- I took it so hard. He even threw in other examples of friends (Texans) he knew who'd called it quits and went home and got married; ha, one wishes. I made Ms. Sands laugh yesterday, telling her of a date I went on the night before where the friend said:

"I don't mean to be ... forward. But. You don't seem to be much into worrying about guys. What's wrong?"

"Ummm, what? I don't know. Wait, what?" I picked up my butter knife and started sawing the edge of my table ... slowly, slickly.

"I just mean, are you just not that into guys? All my girl friends ... that's all ... well, it's all they talk about."

Internal: Oh, Lord.

"Are you into girls?" he asked, with a furrowed, intense brow.

"No. Umm, I need to go."

So, back to Mr. Fatz, it's all thrown me for a clichéd loop. He views it as a weakness, my going home; obviously I have those thoughts and I rationalize them away by knowing (thinking) it'll all do me some good to be home with Brother and Mama G (and the Rat Child) for a bit ... and it'll be cheaper.

I just want to take an adventure. (Run away?)

Internal monologue, over. I'll leave with a preview I saw the other day that shocked some good sense into me, movie-wise.

Orphan seems like a more awesome "The Good Son":

"There's something wrong with Esther."


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Paramendra Bhagat said...

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Paramendra Bhagat said...

Now after having read the blog post, a few comments from a virtual acquaintance.

(1) Life is long, recessions are short, always.
(2) Texas as a state has character. I have passed through all its major cities.
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(6) I expect the economy to have turned around by the end of summer.
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Morgan said...

PB, I write this only to give myself a venue to write anything. Monetization? Who'd want to read my whinings, or my describing of what everyone else is going through.

I'm not going to worry myself with ads or whatnot, that was never the point.

But I do appreciate the suggestions. I probably should heed them, but every time I even try to implement them, I turn up turnips. I don't know how to do what you're speaking about.

Paramendra Bhagat said...

Hey. This is your blog, you do what you want to do with it. This blog might be your own "social network" site. A way to keep people in the loop. And that is all you want. And I don't mean to overdo my hand here. It is just that I see great potential. Movies are a major item online. I can see you getting a large following in no time. The thing about monetization efforts is you could say, I don't want to do blog post ads, just display ads, and link ads, I want to set them up, and then forget about them. But if Mark Penn can't convince you, I doubt I can. You have to move at your own pace, make your own moves. Absolutely. I should probably step back a little here.