Thursday, June 18, 2009

Movie Nights at Home: "Planet Terror" (Grindhouse), "Firestarter"; Writing, Remembering How to Study (?)

It's 5:30 a.m. in the Grice Household; I'm scrambling eggs. Mama G emerges from her bedroom and: "Ooohhh, mija, you're already up! I thought I was going to have to drag you out of bed by your hair!!" she exclaims with genuine surprise, but with a touch of disappointment that she didn't get to yank the old mop.

I have to take her to the Metro in the mornings if I want to use a vehicle.

"Yeah, I don't know -- I just woke up. I was having nightmares ... something involving being chased and being shot at ... and explosions, yeah, I could see faces exploding!"

"Oh, mija."

"Yeah, I don't know why ... well, maybe it was because of the movie last night."

"HA! You didn't watch the movie!"

"Lies! I did so."

"I kept throwing things at you. And you kept lying, saying you weren't sleeping. You always lie, you big horse."

"I was awake!"

"What happened at the end?"

Sigh. "Aren't you going to be late?"

Since being back home, things have gone right back to normal. Well, "normal." The night before, we ended our days as we usually do -- with a movie. Mama G and I sit in the living room, while Brother G shouts at us from the other room and comes out periodically to make sure we're still watching. Nine times out of 10, I "fall asleep," (or so they say), and Mama G begins yelping crazy things at me, throwing pillows, or kicking me with her Flinstone Feet -- depending on how close she is.

Up that night was Robert Rodriguez's "Planet Terror" of "Grindhouse," which I was so embarrassed to say I hadn't seen. While I won't admit that I fell asleep that night (or any other of the thousands of nights before -- I can't help it!), I have now watched it in full. What a crazy film.

"Grindhouse" trailer:

The day before, I had a Drew Barrymore marathon (unintentional!), which consisted of "Never Been Kissed" (still cute), "E.T." (sigh), and ... Steven King's "Firestarter" (!!!!!!) God, I forgot how awesome that movie is.

In "Firestarter," a drug, LOT-6, is administered to Andy McGee (David Keith) and Vicky McGee (Heather Locklear), Charlie's (Barrymore) parents. Charlie develops pyrokinetic powers (her parents develop telekinetic, not nearly as cool). Now "The Shop," a secret organization, is after Charlie and her Dad ... poor Mom died a sinister death ... and Little Charlie goes around exploding police cars, houses, making misogynists' boots blow up in flames. Highly recommended.

I think I made it through 8 movies a couple days ago ... though, I'm "working" while I watch - what I'd do without a computer near the TV (be more productive).

In other news, road trips to the Hill Country and Austin start next week with Brother G; upon returning, Mama G and I begin the long road trip to little New York City the following day. Throughout this time, I'll be writing, watching, reading and studying.

As for the studying, I have some tests to take and some classes to attend ... upon Mama G's urging, I should be certified to TEACH by the beginning of August. (!)

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