Monday, June 1, 2009

Cool Hand Luke, Brother Grice, Killing Time -- and a Little "Total Recall"

"I didn't go to sleep until 'bout 5:30am this morning, after your horrible gift," Brother G said.

"My gift of giving you my online Netflix account info?" I asked, knowing the answer.

"Yes, you horrible Sister Woman. I could see what you watched and I was able to route it to the TV -- I looked through your queue and saw you went on another Paul Newman binge, and I couldn't help myself but follow the tracks."

"'Snot my fault you're weak-willed," I responded.

"You even re-watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! Lord. Why? What possessed you to walk down that trodden path, after having just watched Cool Hand -- again -- what was your reason?" he asked, dumbly.

"Because I wanted to hear the 'mendacity' line, senior idioto. After rubbing my index finger over Paul Newman's face a few times during Cool, I wanted to see him fight against his father and say terrible things. Can I get a break?"

"God, I hate you," he said.

"Same," Me.

"See you in a couple weeks," Brother.

"Can't wait. Love you," me, begrudgingly.

"Love you too," said an unknown source.

You can watch Cool Hand Luke, here.

Only two weeks, Brother G, two little weeks. And then we have some fun.

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