Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Perks of Fall Street

It's cheesy and so predictable, paying homage to the delightful films about the greed, corruption and scandal that's driven the economy to near-destitution. But potshots have their perks. I got to spend a good couple hours last night sifting through endless scenes of whichever films I thought of that dealt with those themes. There are so many.

American Psycho and the unforgettable business card scene.

Wall Street, `Greed is Good’

Boiler Room's `Let’s go, Shlep-rock!’ (Ben Affleck, why can't you be more consistent?)

Bonfire of the Vanities -- I agree with a good friend of mine about how underrated this film is. It's Brian De Palma; and sure, it's not Scarface or Carlito's Way ... and the casting was, well, unforgivable ... but it's BDP doing Tom Wolfe!

Here's to the fallen `Masters of the Universe'

Trading Places. Mortimer and Randolph Duke, I'd happily switch places with someone right now and allow you to test out nature v. nurture.