Sunday, September 21, 2008

Morgan and Bueller See `Art'

On Friday, one of my best friend's and I went to the member's preview of some Van Gogh exhibit (excuse my flippancy, she knows how I am with art matters) -- and as we walked around the MoMA, I oscillated between apologizing for myself for previous moments at Contemporary Arts' walks at the Whitney (where she works), and being wowed by what was before me.

What she pointed out at the moment, and later, was how I took to describing things. I don't describe in an adult, mature description -- it was, "Oooohhhh, so you mean how in Ferris Bueller, when they're in the Chicago art museum ... that was Monet and pointilism, right? This looks [referring to the Van Gogh piece in front of us] similar. Is it from the same time?" She looked at me curiously, and (rightly) scolded me for the comment, and said that it was between periods.

It made me understand how I relate my real-life moments with movies.

She brought up the instance when we were talking with other friends who know tons more than I about art, and she said it was thoughtful. Guess it made me feel like my faux-pas was forgiven. Also reminded me that I ought to branch out a bit and stop living life through movie quotes.

To bring up the real reason to write about this all is to remind us of this scene, such a great one. I don't really care for the love-y scenes pre-00:25, but the screen shots with Cameron and the canvas are just too good to be forgotten.