Monday, September 22, 2008

`Disobey, and you die."

It's almost as good as hearing that there's a fraternity of assassins fated to maintain the stability in an unstable world. (I won't take up eye space by inserting the "Wanted" trailer, but know that I wanted to.)

Instead, let's move forward and think about Eagle Eye. Not every movie can be about two hustling con artists, though I might secretly wish they were.
Imagine having some unseen reckoning out there giving you little clues here and there about when to "duck now" or "jump!!" Once you've tried to ignore these little nuggets of needed information, you quickly realize that you've got to heed their directions, else deal with the doom you've opted into.

I'm a sucker for these. Once they've "picked you" ... come on! How great is that? It's like you're living in a Choose Your Own Adventure, yet someone else is doing the choosing.

I'm sure Eagle Eye will be awful, but I saw "Wanted" twice. Once for free, and once with friends. EE has my $12, at least.