Tuesday, September 30, 2008

`I don't drink, I don't smoke ... I play video games'

I learned how to play backgammon last night. I've already begun reading strategy online, and I'm hooked.

A couple friends and I who used to play Scrabble (offline) and Scrabulous (online, R.I.P.) so much that it's embarrassing headed down to this awesome funland called Fat Cat in the West Village.

You head down a flight of stairs and are greeted by a bouncer; he waves you in and you open your eyes to a blissful room of billiards, backgammon, scrabble, shuffleboard, cards (I've recently suffered compulsive spades-playing) and video games. We'll be going back very soon.

It reminded me of the documentary "King of Kong," a hilariously awkward and awesome tale of a bunch of dudes all across the U.S. whose only goal in life is to be the best at Donkey Kong. They travel to tournaments, still sport mullets and are extremely focused on achieving their goal. Extremely.

Great bits from the trailer include: "I'm the Wayne Gretsky of video games," and a large man banging away at a tiny drumset. (And it's set to "Teenage Wasteland," appropriately.) Please watch.


vacanti said...

I *loved* King of Kong.

Paramendra Bhagat said...

Whatever happened to the Scrabble on Facebook? I heard some big honcho from this hemisphere claimed copyright with the two Cacutta guys who brought it about? I'd like to know who has the copyright on chess.