Monday, December 14, 2009

Food Inc., Put Me Out of My Misery: "It's a Notional Idea of a Tomato"

So, I saw Super Size Me; good old Morgan Spurlock telling us the evil ways of quarter-pounders. He nearly gave himself kidney failure for that film, all for the sake of documenting the bad ways of McDonald's and its sort.

I probably patted myself on the back as I waltzed out of the theater with a tub of half-eaten popcorn in my paws, saturated with movie-theater butter, no doubt.

But, Food, Inc. -- that really took the cake.

I eat roughly a dozen eggs a week; that's a very meager estimate. I toss in some tofu from time to time, just to make myself feel I'm doing myself some protein service. I don't think about the chickens; I certainly don't think about how my little eggs are procured.

I had to turn that movie off: exploitation of Mexican workers (my people!), inhumane treatment of dirty animals (my people!), and all for making corporate brass richer (my future husband(s)!)

I didn't like it one bit. See below my angst:

Margaret Sandwich: sure thing.

and hey, learning things is painful

me: this is a bunch of hippie b.s.

Margaret Sandwich: good rebuttal

me: incorporate my food, just don't let me know about it. Don't Let Me Know.

Margaret Sandwich: or, just get normal food

me: good night, hippie

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Paramendra Bhagat said...

I think this is meant to be a horror flick.