Thursday, December 24, 2009

Slice: Merry Christmas Eve, Cinema 2009 YT

So, my roommate just sent me this YouTube -- as I watched it, I sounded like I had Tourette's ...

"Public Enemy!"

"District 9!"

"Inglourious ..."

"Where the Wild Things...!"

"Twilight: New ...!"

"500 Days of ...!"

"Serious Man!"


"Pirate Radio!"

"An Education!"

"Away We G...!"


"Up in the...!"


"Julie and Julia!"

I dare everyone to try to name them all ... it goes so fast! By the end of the 7-minute mash-up, I realize I missed a few. I tried so hard to see so many, many movies -- even some of the worst (G.I. Joe, 2012); I spent so much money that it's despicable.

But, as mediocre as I thought 2009 was movie-wise (personally-wise ... it was the pits, but, that's what movies are for!), I know that in 2010 I can go back and watch a bunch more 2009-ers as I try to tread the '10 waters.


Paramendra Bhagat said...

It's not Aviator, but Avatar.

Morgan said...

Whoops, I didn't mean Avatar - I meant "Amelia" - (now changed) ... she WAS an aviator, who I had to play in the 2nd grade, perhaps that's where my brain wires got swapped.

Happy holidays, PB!