Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slice(s) of Grice, Episode 3: My Sister's Keeper

The above is quite boring, and perhaps more should be said on "My Sister's Keeper," but -- not really.

Well, must be up in three hours. For two times in one month, Papa Grice has unexpectedly come through bearing gifts: the first time was with his load of AP Physics, Chemistry and Biology books (teaching camp begins innnn 11 days, sigh); the second time was today with...a JOB.

Say what?

Starting tomorrow, I will be working on a contract basis for the University of Houston, writing grant proposals for a professor who is one of Papa G's clients. I spent all afternoon in the League City library (when I should've been watching movies on my back all day ... or working on my stories, I guess) researching what goes into these grant proposals. I'm a littttttle nervous. These things are super particular, require a lot of analysis and there's a lot riding on them.

May my writing juices not fail me in the coming week(s), dear gods. And, I'll be earning non-severance, non-dole dollars for the first time in ... FIVE months.

How depressing!


justified said...

good luck with the grant writing! hope the new "real" job goes well!

Paramendra Bhagat said...

Great music.

Morgan said...

I'm actually loving this new "real" job ... I'm on a college campus, I get to wear a backpack every day, I research and write. It was supposed to only last through the end of the week, but they've asked me to stay on. Aaahhh!

And, thank you re: music :)