Thursday, July 9, 2009

17 Again, Slice of Grice(s) Explanation, Orphan

Before wasting time making the Slice of Grice(s) episode yesterday, I should've thought to include the inspiration for filming the rambling mess: The Rat Child had ambled over to me at the computer as I brusquely preempted her by saying, "I have to get another page written!!" She'd been making routine visits to my "workstation," showing me how fat Jack the Hamster has gotten, or how relentlessly her lizard hangs to her shirt -- no matter how hard she shakes it around -- or how much money she just won on Webkinz (??????).

"Oh, well, I was just going to see if we could go see a movie," she began quietly, "At the Dollar Cinema? Grandma [my mom] said you're broke, but it'd only be three dollars. [inflation!]."

"She did, did she? She said I was broke!? Well, I am broke, but ... well, what would you like to see?" My eyes were flicking between my short story that was going no where and her eager face.

Her eyes lit up ... "Well, I really, want to see that movie, 'Orphan'? Have you heard of it???"

Ha, have I heard of it? Child, you know not to whom you speak.

"Not out yet. But, really, you want to see that?"

"Oh, yes," she replied, genuinely. "They showed a preview for it when I watched 'Untraceable' a while back."

"Who'd you see 'Untraceable' [awful movie] with?"

"I just watched it by myself on On Demand. It wudn't real good."

Oh, my God, you do share my blood.

"I'll check what's playing at the Dollar Cinema."

The only thing we hadn't seen was "17 Again," which is what she's describing in the video below. I ... I ... well, Zac Efron is quite a cute kid (though I learned that amongst 10 year olds, he's not really hot stuff anymore -- High School Musical is no longer en vogue), but the movie by no means can join the ranks of "Big," "Vice Versa," or "Like Father Like Son." In "Big," we had the Zoltar machine grant Mr. Hanks his wish to grow up; in "Vice Versa" some mysterious skull with transformative powers gave Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage their due perspectives; in "LF LS" Sean Astin introduces old Kirk Cameron to some "brain transferrence serum" ... in "17 Again," it's just an unexplained spirit soul guider. Pfft, someone doesn't have an imagination.

Today, I think I'm going to make her watch "Elephant Man" with Anthony Hopkins -- I don't know, so much to choose from. Mama G said to make sure she goes outside, "otherwise she'll just sit and watch movies all day."

Here's to enabling.


Paramendra Bhagat said...

I think you should ban me from this blog or something, if that is possible, it probably isn't, and I have tried the respect personal space thing, and this is not your blog line, but it is not working. I so keep wanting to see this blog monetized. It is such a great blog. Here's my new angle: sell your short stories as PDF files directly to your readers, $1.99 per story. Build the blog, build readership, monetize the blog, and use it as a platform to sell short stories directly to your readership.

Please ignore/skip comment as necessary.

Morgan said...

Heyyyy, no worries ... I really do appreciate the encouragement. I still can't even get the analytics to work right, and I've tried other services, but I end up getting frustrated.

I like the short stories idea ... I was thinking of setting up a separate blog (or changing the scope of this one ... what is the scope of it, at this point?) where I just write my short stories ... don't know about selling them or how I would even do that. All I know how to do is type. Sad.

Paramendra Bhagat said...

All you have to do is say yes, and I will offer you free guidance. We will take it one step at a time. We will get Google Analytics to work and so on. If you are saying yes to monetization, let's take this conversation to Gmail where it belongs.

I am no big shot, but I have taken a few steps in the monetization direction that I could share.

Get ready for some blog mails from me. Accept invite to a private blog I am about to send you.