Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Obama "Movie," A Great Day, Pride in Country? Who Knew.

For perhaps the third time ever, I was able to do something enjoyable at work (barring movie reviews, and including only those activities directly-related to the Audio/Visual editing part of my worthless job). I got to make the above short package of Barack "No Drama" Obama!

I was told to put something together that reviewed his thoughts on/outlook for the dying economy. So I got to spend a good part of my afternoon watching and re-watching the Inauguration of our fair new leader. How strangely surreal it is to be so happy, excited and proud of our country. Bah, that sounds so cheesy and trite, but just at least for this one day, Eff It.

Boy, oh, boy did he look so serene as he strode out to deliver his words. In the wake of so much madness over Madoff, Wall Street pirates, Ponzis, Senate-seat selling and soooooo much more going on that's ruining my ever-dwindling faith in humanity -- today was a good news day, a historic one.

I used to think this scene from "The American President" was so inspirational and uplifting -- but our boy Barack blows Michael Douglas out of the water. (It's still pretty good, though.)

"Being president of this country is entirely about character." Now it is!


ragtimepiano said...

Good job! I enjoyed watching it!

Morgan said...

:) Thank you. Since then, there have been no more fun moments at the old Bl'erg.

Paramendra Bhagat said...

NYC Video: 10 Hours