Monday, January 18, 2010

"Gettin' Loose, and Killin' Time" -- More Pertinent, "Avatar" and "Youth in Revolt"

So, three weekends, three different high school friends staying at the old Chez Grice. Lots of Texas music has been played; the other two Brooklyn roommates have been roped into dinners and late-night foretelling of what may come to be: embarrassing. I promise we're not from the deadlands of ... Waco? We're not.

I hereby state, and hope, that no Texan come within 50 feet of our domicile, for fear of a mass exodus to Austin. Agreed? Agreed.

And, Randy Travis doesn't want to whine away on my computer anymore. I know it, err, I feel it -- as Texans do.

Back to movies:

"Avatar" was maybe one of the most hyped up, fell-on-its-face films I've seen in recent movie history. I would never air it publicly, but I saw Titanic 9 times in the theater (I was 14 yrs. old!) so, I'm so ready to be Cameron's pawn. But, Avatar was so bad that I couldn't even stay awake while they were getting love-y and ... swinging around floating mountains should make any lady put down her swords -- my swords were still up, and it just wasn't good.

The dialogue in "Avatar" is so bad, it's almost offensive. When Sigourney pops out of her little chilled preservation box, you want to smack her for her abrasive stumbling around for a cigarette; when the meatheaded Sully, wheelchair in tow, narrates to you in his beef-heady way ... it's all you can do to not puke into your (requisite) popcorn.

Youth in Revolt -- to come.

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