Sunday, November 29, 2009

Editing Papa Grice, Movie Marathon Needed in 6 Hours, "The Natural"

Papa Grice, a man not too often featured here on this old Bloggle, recently sent me a piece he's submitting to some Southern magazines; he asked me to edit it.

The charming daughter that I am (ha, ahem... ahem), I opened the .doc file and went to work; we have had our differences, many -- plenty -- but, he's still my Pops.

I'm not one to turn something like that down.

Well, my Dear Old Dad sent me something great. It was a great editorial piece - something that I'd have kissed the sweet e-mail gods for sending me a few years back, had it been submitted by an old Crimson writer.

It involves a memory he has from when he was 16 - he was at a family get-together in Louisiana, and part of his family shuns another part. He was put in-between everyone, and made to take sides.

I've thought of old Papa G as a rationalist, much like myself, forever. And, I realized that he is kind of -- deep down -- sort of a silly irrationalist. At least, that's what's conveyed in his writing.

I don't think he reads this Bloggle, but I wish he did sometimes. My writings so clearly come from his influence.

The above YouTube is something he'd love -- a movie he made me watch a bazillion times, and I was all the better for it. "The Natural."

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