Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jesse Eisenberg (Michael Cera?) Wants to Murder Me! Today's a Good Day ...

I saw eight movies in the theater this past week -- outside of the theater, it's too embarrassing to advertise [17-ish]. So, I'd been working on a bloggle post that would run through the list of films, highlighting the best and worst. (Summer has ended! I can return to the cinema [daily ... or twice, daily -- I slapped my wrist for admitting that] without my head hung in shame for filmmakers).

When what do my wandering eyes behold in my Inbox this morning?

An e-mail from a Crimson alum list group member ...

"Subject: [133-l] Jesse Eisenberg and his vendetta against Morgan Grice"

The body of the e-mail read, which went out to a whole slew of old classmates, friends and acquaintances -- and I'm sure more than a few frenemies:

"I think he's [Eisenberg] referring to this (
Even if this is a bit of some kind that Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg do,
it's hilarious.


AVC: Jesse, you’ve been on a lot of lists of up-and-coming young stars to
watch, that sort of thing. What has your experience been, having recently been
thrust into the limelight?

JE: Well, you’re not supposed to read what they write about you,
because it’s just debilitating.
And people have written mean things
that I’ve read, and they make you feel terrible about yourself and feel like:
How could I go be a creative person when people think it’sbad? [:-/]

WH [Woody Harrelson]: Let go of that Harvard Crimson

JE: Fucking Crimson. A few years ago, somebody wrote
something bad inthe Harvard Crimson
; then we were in Boston yesterday,
and I thought the girl who was coming to interview us was the girl, and she
never showed up. Smart move. But I have everybody’s name on my bathroom wall, on my stall shower actually, and I just read their names as I soap up
and plan on murdering them.

WH: That’s his way of saying you better write some nice stuff.

So, Jesse Eisenberg thinks about murdering me in the shower?!! ME?!?!? Little, old me.

It was the neatest thing I'd read in some time, though I'm not dumb enough to think it wasn't some PR person feeding his lines. Still.

I should mention that I adored "Zombieland," and that any of the predictions I made in that blasted Crimson article were false. I wish he'd murder me for the quality of the article, rather than the opinion. Because, excuse my candor, "Cursed" sucked.

And who knew Eisenberg was going to be someone people can't differentiate from Michael Cera?!!! Sigh.

More on those other movies from this week later. One hour til my next movie...

I will say that I did love, uncharacteristically, "Bright Star." I don't love romantic movies, and I suuuuure don't love romantic, sad movies about POETS (Keats) ... but I loved this one.


Paramendra Bhagat said...

I did not follow the link to the review, but how bad could it have been?

Morgan said...

It was not very nice, buuuuutttt I was young ... ?